Coldman Fresh Return Policy

In case customer receives a damaged product at the time of delivery, you can return the product immediately to the delivery personal, your amount will be deposited to your wallet within 24-48 hours. Since fruits and vegetables are perishable items, return request must be raised within 12 hours of delivery, if the reason for return is genuine and issue has been found from company’s end, we will REPLACE the items in next order or REFUND to your account.

Coldman Fresh Refund Policy

1. Billed but Not Delivered – We ensure to deliver the right Quality at right Quantity at right Place. Still if you find any item missing in the order, we will refund the charged amount for particular item to your account.

2. Damaged products- If the item delivered is having quality issue, customer has to send the clear photo graph to our customer care by mentioning order id. We will be happy to assist you and we would replace the item in next order or would initiate a refund to your account.

3. Shelf Life / Perishability- Handling and storage of fruits and vegetables is of utmost importance when you bring them home. Vegetables & fruits have very short shelf life. Though your products are MAP bags which ensure better shelf life, we recommend the fruits and vegetables should be consumed immediately or stored in refrigerator at 8-10 degree or room temperature (20-25 degree) and avoid direct sunlight. The issue noticed after 12 hours will not be entitled for refund.

Coldman fresh Cancellation policy

Customer can cancel the order on the same day of placing order by calling our customer care. Amount will be refund within 24 hours to your account.