Business Solutions

  • Warehousing

    Coldman provides a comprehensive range of customized warehousing solutions scalable to clients / product specific needs. We offer six different temperature zones ranging from -30°C to +30°C spread across strategic locations in India. Our multi-temperature capabilities meet the most stringent requirements for handling the full complement of temperature-controlled products. Storage capacity consists of fully automated high-rise cold stores with double deep racking structures operated by modern material handling equipment which can lift material up to 11 meters height with all industrial safety features including driver cage, anti skid mechanism, reverse alarm, tiltable forks and camera assisted fork lifting. Customers can track inventory and plan orders based on online real-time inventory data available through mobile app & web portal.

    Warehousing Features:

    • 24 X 7 Service
    • 100% DG backup
    • State of the Art Reach Trucks
    • Exclusive Pharma Zones
    • 6 Variant Temperature Zones
    • FSSAI Compliant Warehouse
  • Distribution

    Coldman provides logistic services in the field of Customized Cold Chain Solutions. Primary & Secondary refrigerated transportation across India, Dedicated Reefer Fleet & Trip based Operational Fleet managed by specialist teams of experts from cold supply chain industry. The logistics services are carried out in collaboration with the cold stores and also as individually with the clients. Our technology, experienced people & fleet, tailors transport solutions to client’s specific requirements. We offer greater flexibility, faster response to changing business economics. Fleet managers work closely with clients in developing the best transportation strategies offering full truck load, dedicated, multi temperature vehicle requirement & milk run. Coldman provides a comprehensive supply chain visibility for the temperature & vehicle movement using telematics with efficient Pre Trip, On trip & Post Trip Controls to track location & remotely control the vehicle temperature.

    • Dedicated Reefer Fleet
    • Last Mile Supplies
    • Airport Drops
    • FSSAI Compliant Trucks
    • Multi-Temp Trucks
    • Tamper proof GPS solution

    Modern distribution faces a unique challenge of multiple deliveries within the city limits at right temperature & at right time. Our tertiary distribution vehicles are designed to ensure that the last delivery is also delivered at the desired temperature.

  • Business Consulting

    We evaluate the current set up and structure of the supply chain, identifying opportunities for optimisation. Coldman has a qualified team of experienced experts who can find solutions for complex supply chain issues. The outcome is practical, clear, solution-oriented and tailor-made for your business. Examples of our previous consultancy projects include studies and reviews of warehouse and distribution facilities, modality choices, inventory management, outsourcing and mechanisation concepts for warehouses. Coldman has a qualified team of experienced experts who can find solutions for complex supply chain issues.

    • Project Management
    • Workforce management
    • Warehousing services
    • Inventory management
    • In Plant logistics
    • Packaging & kitting

    Our specialists work closely together in multidisciplinary teams, from concept development and design to implementation and completion.

  • Port Centric Logistic

    Port centric logistics is the process of unloading, storing and distributing cargo from the Ports/Container Freight Station (CFS)/Inland Container Depo (ICD). Rather than incurring additional costs to bring containers to inland warehouses & distribution centres, our customers can benefit from reduced costs, a more efficient supply chain, reduced carbon footprint and cost-effective logistics and distribution. Coldman is perfectly placed to handle freight arriving at ports / CFS / ICD. Ideal for the swift transfer of goods from quayside/customs to warehouse; customers can save money by avoiding expensive rent and demurrage charges. We provide competitive rates for freight handling, warehousing and storage, and transport throughout India.

    • Logistical Optimization
    • Multimodal Transporation
    • Custom Clearance
    • End to End Supply Chain
    • Custom Bonded Warehousing
    • Faster Transshipment
  • Food Processing
    Basket of options our customers can co-create:

    • Farm to Fork
    • Farm to Shelf
    • Food services operator support
    • pre washed & bagged fresh produce
    • Ingredient to ready to cook products
    • Ingredient to Ready to consume products
    • Pre washed ,pre cut & sanitized fresh produce

    Coldman uses environment friendly refrigerant, FREON R404a as refrigerant gas. To cater product's specific need of temperature at -28 o C, desired chambers are designed with Ante Room at -5 o C

  • Healthcare and Nutrition

    WHO (World Health Organization) has set standards to be followed for the storage and distribution practices by means of GSP (Goods Storage Practices), GDP (Goods Distribution Practices) and GMP (Goods Manufacturing practices). Coldman ensures the highest standards of storage & distribution practices in compliance with WHO guidelines & FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Coldman defines the definition of health to you.

  • FMCG - Ambient Logistics

    When dealing with the inherent complexities of supply chain logistics, many companies come to a point when they may wish to use a third party logistics company to manage their supply chain. Using a third party logistics company to manage the supply chain frees up your company’s resources and allows your business to focus on its own core competencies. Coldman ensures that FMCG companies focus on their branding and marketing activities rest can be left to us.