Logistics Outlook 2021 : Cargo Connect, India

Over the years, cold chain management in India has dealt with efficient control and organisation of logistics and production regarding temperature. The trend is also shifting towards establishing multipurpose cold storages and providing end-to-end services to control parameters throughout the value chain, driving the need for successful cold chain management and methods of monitoring process and control. Though the cold chain storage and logistics market in India is witnessing healthy growth and slowly moving towards organised business structure due to growing health awareness and technological advancements, high operative cost and lack of standards and protocols in the industry are still considered factors likely to hinder the market growth. . . . .


Mr. Sanjay Sharma said during the interview that Our core value proposition for pharma is protecting the integrity of temperature-sensitive products, and monitoring the ingredients from supplier to end consumer and building a clear line of sight for them at every stage. Pharma logistics requires high-quality infrastructure, technology and skill sets to handle operations due to stringent compliance norms, standards, and regulations. Our team has the necessary expertise and experience in handling such highly-critical products, having developed sensitivity to patterns of meaningful information.


As the country's leading cold chain warehousing and distribution company, Coldman offers end-to-end solutions across a variety of industries with leveraging technology for operational competitiveness as well as effectiveness by quickly responding to changes in the marketplace. The company provides an array of warehousing, distribution, port-centric logistics, turnkey solutions for food processing and integrated value added services designed to be efficient and lower supply chain costs. Sanjay Sharma , Vice President- Corporate Sales and Distribution at Coldman Logistics informs Upamanyu Borah, more on their capabilities around offering large-scale cold chain storage and distribution requirements as COVID-19 vaccine trials enter a defining stage worldwide, given the fact that they operate the largest multiproduct and multi-temperature cold storage network in India.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution readiness

Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Vice President, Coldman discussing on Indian Cold Chain & readiness on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution on NDTV 24X7 with other Eminent speakers.
“We have certain smaller cold rooms that can store a million doses at -40 degrees also but not in a huge volume. Since the government will have a continuous vaccination programme, so once in a fortnight those one million doses can be rotated. So probably in a month, two million doses can be handled at -30 to -40 degrees,” Said Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Vice President, Coldman Logistics Pvt Ltd.

Covid-19: Cold chain logistics will be big challenge in vaccinating 135 crore Indians

Covid vaccines at -25 degrees can be handled in the country as we have the requisite infrastructure in terms of storage and distribution. None of the third-party logistics operators in the country are equipped with -70 degrees cold storage facilities, Sanjay Sharma, Vice- President, Coldman Logistics, told Seconding him, Pawanexh Kohli, former CEO and chief advisor, National Centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD), said the problem could be effectively tackled through extensive use of dry ice. Dry ice in a designated box can retain temperatures at -70 degrees for 24-48 hours,he said.

Singaporean diplomat Gopinath Pillai visits Sri City


Sri City, April 17, 2018:- His Excellency the Ambassador-at-large for the Government of Singapore, Mr. Gopinath Pillai visited Sri City on Monday evening. Mr. Gopinath Pillai, who is the Chairman of Coldman Logistics Ltd., was accompanied by the Board of Directors of the company. Mr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing Director, Sri City extended a warm welcome, and briefed them on the infrastructure, unique features and the brisk pace of development in Sri City.

JM Baxi Group opens India's first ICD-based cold store in Haryana

JM Baxi Group, the privately-owned logistics company, has opened India's first port-based cold storage at its Sonepat inland container depot (a dry port) in Haryana. This will help cut double-handling and save cost for importers and exporters of perishable goods. The firm, which runs port terminals and container trains, aims to set up 7-8 such cold stores in India, said Dhruv Kotak, Joint Managing Director at J M Baxi Group.

Modern warehouse to come up in Sri City.

Coldman Logistics Private Limited, a Mumbai-based warehousing and distribution company, on Wednesday laid the foundation for construction of a new state-of-the-art temperature controlled warehouse at the integrated business township Sri City.

Coldman Logistics breaks ground for cold chain warehouse in Sri City.

Coldman Logistics, the Mumbai-based warehousing and distribution company, laid the foundation stone for construction of a new temperature controlled warehouse. Dev Anand, Director, Coldman Logistics, in a statement said Sri City is an ideal location offering huge opportunities, superior connectivity to Chennai, Ennore and other ports and infrastructure required for business. "We will be expanding our network to other ports and major cities on pan India basis by building state-of-the-art temperature controlled warehouses, which will cater to food, pharma and other industrial products in next two years," he added.